PET Carbios

SOMATER produced the first bottles made from chemically recycled PET at the request of L’OREAL for the BIOTHERM brand.

This is a real revolution because the enzymatic treatment of PET developed by CARBIOS brings the raw material back to its original state.

SOMATER is proud to contribute to the industrialization of this extremely promising technology, which is part of its mission to reinvent primary packaging, promote the circular economy and reduce its impact on CO2 emissions.

An "impressive" technique

SOMATER takes a new step towards industrial excellence thanks to laser printing integrated into its new production line in Savigny.

Used for the marking of pharmaceutical caps, this innovation offers multiple benefits compared to the decoration technology used previously:

  • Quality: precision of marking and stability of the process;
  • Respect for the environment: removal of inks, solvents and other chemicals;
  • Performance: increase in production rates linked to the disappearance of set-up times.

These are all arguments that help strengthen our relationship with our customers by offering them sus-tainable packaging solutions.

SOMATER gets the MORE label

Mortagne-au-Perche is the second factory of the SOMATER Group to obtain the MORE label, after Plastuni Normandie in 2020! Developed by the « Fédération de la Plasturgie », this label rewards manufacturers who are part of the circular economy and use recycled polymers in their manufacturing process. It is allocated each year on the basis of the volumes of recycled materials used.

This distinction is further proof of our know-how in the eco-design of packaging. We are committed to continuing our efforts, reducing our environmental footprint and promoting the circular economy among our customers.

Certification ISO 15378 site de Theix

With a second production site dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging, SOMATER is decisively strengthening its presence in the health market. Obtaining ISO 15378 certification for the Theix site is the culmination of an industrial strategy aimed at ensuring the security of supply to our customers.

The ISO 15378 standard sets out Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) applicable to primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Its attribution to the Theix site validates an efficient and effective quality management system.

With its Savigny plant, SOMATER now has a high-performance industrial tool that guarantees the continuity of operations for the pharmaceutical market, making it possible to face major crises like the one we have been experiencing for months.

The new certification reinforces the link between SOMATER and its pharmaceutical clients. By combining industrial performance, capacity for innovation and securing needs, we offer them new prospects for cooperation. Here’s the proof: a major strategic project that we will present soon.

CFIA in Rennes

Let’s meet at CFIA 2021 in Rennes (stand D10, hall 9) on June 9, 10 and 11! After the cancellation of the 2020 edition, we look forward to seeing you again. This will be the occasion to present you the latest packaging solutions for the food industry that are increasingly sustainable, lighter and more economical in terms of raw materials.


In collaboration with our partners and suppliers, we have developed new packaging products, optimized their recycling and favored recycled materials. Here are a few examples that demonstrate our commitment to this approach:

  • Search for alternative polymers able to integrate existing recycling channels (PET / rPET),
  • Use of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) and CCR (Circular Certified Resins) recycled polymers,
  • Recyclass, Iscc + and FSC certifications.


The world has changed. Let’s take advantage of the CFIA to talk about “ecodesign”!

Tube L'Oréal "Wonder Water"

L’Oréal Paris is launching the “Wonder Water” format, a new hair coloring product. Developed in partnership with SOMATER, via its subsidiary Plastuni, this 100% recycled PET bottle has a 25% weight reduction compared to market standards.

This new eco-responsible packaging is part of the “L’Oréal for the future – ambition 2030” agenda, in favor of the circular economy, with a dual objective:

  • make 100% of packaging recyclable and recycled ;
  • reduce the weight of packaging by at least 20%.

SOMATER, thanks to the support of its Development and Operations team, plays a key role in supporting its customers in their eco-design initiatives, by providing them with solutions that combine environmental responsibility and industrial performance.

Seduced by “Wonder Water”? Find out more about it thanks to the influencer NikkisSecretx on TikTok 😉

New line dedicated to the manufacture of tubes

SOMATER inaugurated in 2020 a new line dedicated to the manufacture of tubes for effervescent tablets. ISO 15378 certified, it offers high throughput. It incorporates polymer injection, offset printing of rigid tubes, bagging, cardboard packaging and palletization.

The new line allows us to:

  • Multiply the production yield by two,
  • Divide energy consumption by two,
  • Automate packaging and palletizing operations,
  • Dedicate our teams to quality control.

350 million printed tubes were thus produced in 2020, responding in particular to the additional needs linked to the COVID crisis. By improving the efficiency of our production processes, we are pursuing several objectives: reducing our carbon footprint, increasing the performance of the company and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

Recyclass certificate for our new PBL tubes

We are particularly pleased to announce that our new D4R laminated tubes have just obtained the European Recyclass certification. This certifies, according to current market conditions and knowledge, that the entire pack constituting this new product (skirt, collar and cap) is fully compatible with the existing European industrial recycling processes for HDPE containers.

Developed in our PLASTUNI LISSES factory in an eco-design approach in partnership with our supplier HUHTAMAKI, these new tubes demonstrate innovative characteristics: even smaller thickness of 220 microns and use of HDPE for the skirt, the collar and the cap.

The result is a further reduction in weight compared to other PBL tubes as well as an increase in the degree of recyclability, which allows this tube to be able to join the current recycling channels for HDPE bottles.

This achievement represents another proof of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint as well as further progress towards the circular economy. Next step: integration of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) with certification for food use, in a lightweight laminate.

To be continued !

Somater EcoVadis Silver

For the third year in a row, SOMATER has obtained the “Silver” rating from EcoVadis, a benchmark organization for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance. The score of 59 points is a continuation of SOMATER’s efforts to meet environmental and social requirements.

We are particularly proud to be once again among the top 16% of companies in these areas. We thank all our employees without whom this result would not be possible.

In its synthesis, EcoVadis highlight notably the following strengths:

  • Environmental policy on certain issues related to water, materials, chemicals, waste and the end of product life
  • Measures put in place to offset GHG emissions (e.g. purchase of verified carbon credits)
  • Eco-design measures to make products lighter
  • Products designed for easy recycling
  • Responsible purchasing policy on both environmental and social practices of suppliers

You can find more information about EcoVadis and its evaluation methodology at the following address:

SOMATER's D4R tubes noticed by ETMA

We are happy to share an article which has just appeared in the latest edition of “Tubes & Trends”, the online magazine of ETMA (European Tube Manufacturers Association). This refers to our commitment to sustainable development with the highlighting of our D4R (Design For Recycling) tubes. These new single-material PBL tubes available in 3 versions (all PP, all PE and PE Green) have been developed by SOMATER in cooperation with the entire industry (raw material suppliers, cosmetic and pharmaceutical brands, recyclers). They present as key factors weight reduction and recyclability. More details in the article.