Dépollution Naos

Every year, Somater and the NAOS packaging purchasing teams (Bioderma – Institut Esthederm – Etat Pur) join forces for an environmental initiative.

At the beginning of December, we took part in the clean-up of the Étang de Berre beach in Marignane. The Wings of the Ocean association accompanied us through the various stages: collection brief, sorting and characterisation of the waste, followed by discussions on possible solutions to combat the pollution.

Almost 43kg of waste was collected. A big thank you to Sonia for her guidance and teaching, and to the teams involved in this targeted action!

SOMATER Tube Hyaluron L'Oréal

L’Oréal Paris has extended its Elsève Hyaluron Repulp hair care range, this time with a particular focus on moisturizing and revitalizing serums based on hyaluronic acid of natural origin. For this innovative project, L’Oréal Paris once again called on Somater and Plastuni Lisses (91), the brand’s long-standing supplier.

The objective: to develop an attractive, enhancing and differentiating decor with a laminated tube that will house this top-of-the-range hair care product, preserve its quality and guarantee its safety. The result matches Plastuni Lisses’ expertise in flexography: a marking with “holographic” effect that is as seductive as it is innovative.

Somater, a multi-technology expert in the manufacture of polymer packaging, shows here the extent of its skills in the field of decoration to add value to the brand and win over customers.

label MORE (MOBILISÉS POUR RECYCLER) pour Somater en 2023

Developed by the “Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites”, now Polyvia, the MORE label (MOBILISÉS POUR RECYCLER) recognises manufacturers who use recycled polymers in their production processes, thereby helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Already awarded in the past, Polyvia and European Plastics Converters (EuPC) have just awarded us the MORE2023 label in recognition of our sites’ commitment. We are very pleased with this new recognition, which attests to our commitment as a manufacturer to promote more sustainable consumption, with products that incorporate more and more recycled plastics, and reinforces our objective of reducing the virgin raw materials content of our product portfolio by 50% by 2025.

Nouveau tube Crème change Mustela

Somater has designed a 100% PE tube with a 220/11µ lightened PBL skirt contributing to Expanscience’s commitments as an expert in dermo-cosmetics and a company with a mission, certified B Corp.

Recyclability and lightweighting first and foremost

Somater has been awarded the lightweighting of the Mustela 123 diaper cream tube. The 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml formats are now made from a lightweight PBL web, replacing the ABL used until now. In addition to reducing the amount of material used, the switch to PBL significantly improves the recyclability of the packaging thanks to its PE composition.

A circular approach to packaging life

Mustela, a committed brand wishing to contribute to achieving global climate objectives by 2050, eco-designs its products taking into account their life cycle. To this end, the brand is looking for recyclable, lightweight packaging to optimise the formula/material ratio. This lightweight tube, manufactured by Plastuni Lisses in Essonne (91), reduces the plastic content by reducing the thickness of the skirt, while maintaining the barriers needed to preserve the cream. The tube is decorated using flexography.

Tubes crème mains Yves Rocher

Somater has launched a tube with a lightweight 220µ PBL skirt to help the Rocher Group, a major player in the cosmetics industry and a certified B Corp company, with its ecological transition.

Committed by nature

The Groupe Rocher is committed to marketing eco-designed, responsible and recyclable packaging to its consumers by 2030. The objective of reducing the proportion of plastic by 25% and ensuring that its packaging is fully recyclable justifies a move towards PBL. Plastuni Lisses, renowned for manufacturing laminated tubes and having diversified its Web offering, was selected by the Rocher Group to relaunch its 30ml hand cream range.

This choice, which replaced the ABL film incorporating a non-recyclable aluminium barrier, was based on the benefits of a fully recyclable PE film and a reduction in film thickness. This conversion has resulted in an annual reduction of 2.7 tonnes of plastic and the elimination of 4.8 tonnes of aluminium.

This range includes 7 colourful references decorated by flexography and topped with a lightweight octagonal cap.

Somater à nouveau médaillé d’or par EcoVadis

With a score of 71, we have gained 4 points compared to the previous rating. The Somater Group has confirmed its performance in terms of CSR and is now in the top 5% of companies assessed by EcoVadis.

We are very proud of this gold medal and of our progress! Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we’re one step closer to our goal of reaching the top 1%, the ultimate level for which a Platine medal is awarded.

At a time when sustainable development has become essential for the future of our planet, this result reflects and rewards our commitment to making our environmental, social and ethical practices ever more virtuous.

You can find out more about our approach in our CSR 2022 report, available here.

A big thank you to our customers, our partners and all our teams who, through their support and commitment, help to turn our ambitions into concrete results.

Déodorants rechargeables Léa Nature

Somater has created a new format of deodorant for Léa Nature, a company with a mission to produce organic and natural products while respecting people and nature.

A sustainable roll-on
Léa Nature has chosen Somater to launch its new 50 ml refillable deodorant format. Through the brands SO’BIO étic and Natessance, Léa Nature offers five new organic references. This eco-designed range reduces the use of virgin plastic by 63%: a refillable deodorant accompanied by three 150 ml eco-refills can replace ten non-refillable deodorants. At the end of its life, this deodorant, manufactured in France by Somater, is 100% recyclable.

Adopt a new gesture!
In addition to being eco-responsible and in line with the trend to reuse cosmetic packaging, this innovative and easy-to-use format allows consumers to adopt a new gesture with ease. Simply unclip the base by pulling on it, manually clean the inside and the ball, then pour the content from the eco-refill. Once snapped in, it is ready to be used again.

Journée mondiale de la Sécurité Alimentaire

As a food packaging manufacturer, Somater, is particularly committed to product safety, quality, and legal compliance, as well as consumer protection. Our teams, daily contributors of continuous improvement, are committed to maintain and improve our standards and procedures to guarantee the safety and the high quality of our packaging, every day. This results in BRCGS certification for packaging and packaging materials.

On this world food safety day, Somater wants to highlight the BRCGS Packaging V6 and FSSC 22000 version 5.1 certifications. This standard attests that our food packaging production system is aligned with current legal and regulatory requirements. BRCGS is recognized worldwide by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and includes an assessment of the company’s plants, operational systems, procedures, and suppliers.

We would like to thank all our employees for their contribution to make it happen, every day.

Rapport RSE 2022 Somater

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report 2022 outlines our ambitions and measures the progress we have made on sustainable development issues from a social, environmental and ethical point of view.

Highlights of this edition include improvements in our eco-design, recyclability and waste reduction indicators, as well as progress made in terms of CSR ratings and certifications.

Enjoy reading it!

Click here to download our CSR report

Journée mondiale de l’#eau

On this World Water Day, Somater would like to reiterate its ambition to develop responsible industrial and human resources.

But to ensure the effectiveness of our approach, we have it evaluated by external ratings.

This is once again the case with the compliance audit carried out at Plastuni Normandie with regards to decree no. 2021-461 on preventing the loss of plastic granules into the environment.

This plant is particularly vigilant about pollution risks, given its proximity to the coastal river Scie and the Channel.

This audit rewards the efforts made, which include containment, recovery and reprocessing of granules.

As well as periodic checks on the correct application of the operating procedures in place.

All the teams are also regularly made aware of the preventive measures relating to the risks of pollution.

Our objective is to have all our plants audited in 2023 on the proper application of this regulation.