Pierre Fabre educational toothpastes

Premier dentifrice éducatif

Somater has developed a 100% PE single-material tube with a lightweight 240µm skirt for the innovations of Pierre Fabre, a major player in the oral care sector and expert in pharmaceuticals and dermocosmetics.

Educational toothpastes
Pierre Fabre has entrusted Somater with its Elgydium ‘educational toothpaste’ range, which includes two products designed to teach children how to brush their teeth properly from an early age. The colour of the toothpaste changes after 2 minutes when brushing is complete.

An eco-design approach
Pierre Fabre, a committed player in sustainable development, has set itself the objective of reviewing the design of its products so that they are eco-designed by 2025. The Elgydium and Arthrodont adult ranges are in turn being lightened and deployed. This single-material packaging, made by Plastuni Lisses in Essonne (91), reduces the use of virgin plastic by reducing the thickness of the skirt, while at the same time providing the barriers needed to keep the toothpaste in good condition. The tube is topped with a screw cap, also made from PE, which makes it easier to recycle.