Eco TribeTM, la transition écologique en action

Are you looking for packaging designed to meet the challenges of the future? Whether it’s to comply with regulations, to meet consumer expectations or to support your CSR commitment, we have the answers you need.

Discover our online platform EcoTribeTM which brings together innovative packaging solutions based on the pillars of eco-design: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace.

Whether you are from the beauty, health or food industry, this offer is for you! It is the result of a continuous work in collaboration with our strategic partners in order to offer you sustainable and responsible packs.

If you would like more details on our EcoTribeTM products, please visit our dedicated webpage or feel free to contact us directly for specific projects.

Somater au Salon  Pharmapack 2023

The new edition of Pharmapack will take place on February 1 and 2 in Paris – and Somater will of course be there again this year! A true European hub for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the show will welcome 5,000 participants and over 300 exhibitors.

As a major player in the industry, we will take advantage of our presence to unveil our latest product innovations. As an example, let’s mention our eco-refill developed in partnership with Nissei ASB which is based on the 4 pillars of eco-design: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace.

Join us on our stand J27 (Hall 7.2 Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles) and come and seize new opportunities!

On January 24th and 25th, the next edition of PCD will take place, an emblematic event for all international cosmetic and perfumery brands.

During these two days dedicated to packaging innovations, we will unveil the latest developments of our EcoTribe product family. This range is continuously enriched with new solutions developed along the following lines: eco-design, recyclability and use of bio-based materials.

One example is our “Activated Mascara”, developed in partnership with Pylote and SIMP, which incorporates antimicrobial mineral technology. For more information, see the press release that has just been issued on this subject. This innovation is perfectly in line with the CSR approach initiated by Somater in 2020.

Visit our stand B162 to discover all our new products that pave the way to the packaging of the future.

ETI - Entreprises à Taille Intermédiaire

In a turbulent and hyper-connected world, where immediate news takes precedence over fundamental issues, we can sometimes feel dizzy. However, in the face of upheaval, it is the islands of stability and continuity that are reassuring: the idea that remains, the concept that endures, the thing that lasts over time. What is perennial then reveals its own specific value.

At Somater, an ETI with a family history, we are deeply attached to this long-term vision. Whether it is our own company, which we wish to preserve and advance, the environmental cause or society at large: it is the sustainability of the models that, in the long term, makes the difference.

In this perspective, growth and profitabilitý are not ends in themselves, but means to another end: to be there tomorrow, in a better situation than today. We obviously share this observation with many companies. A recent study, carried out by Adrien Stratégie, has just identified the factors that condition the sustainability of ETIs. Four fields contribute to this, from the most limited to the most extensive: the identity, the capital and decision-making independence, the collective and the ecosystem. You can consult this study here.

We fully agree with the summary given in the preface by Alexandre Montay, General Delegate of the Mouvement des Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire (METI): “No matter the weather. Good or bad, as long as it is long. Because seeing far ahead changes everything: social contract and links with employees, governance, local economic chain, business model performance, product positioning, growth profile, search for excellence and conquest. The economic model of the ETIs that this study deciphers […] is singular. Unfortunately, it is still too little known”.

JONZAC, a bottle made of recycled material that is 100% recyclable

Our catalog of standard products continues to evolve with innovative solutions. Our latest offering is a bottle made of recycled material that is 100% recyclable.

With this type of offer available “off the shelf”, without the cost and time associated with the design of a specific mold, we provide the appropriate answers to any actor in the packaging industry wishing to combine sustainable development and industrial performance.

A plus that seduced our customer Léa Nature since this new bottle will not only be used for its JONZAC range but also for other references and brands of the group.

Discover all the possibilities offered by our catalog of standards.

Résilience et sobriété énergétique

Energy prices are soaring and with them the prospects for economic growth in Europe. What is Somater doing to secure its production in an increasingly threatening environment for the manufacturing industry?

First of all, and not only since the Ukrainian crisis, we are focusing on reducing our own consumption. Somater has committed to reducing its energy consumption and, with it, its carbon footprint, by 25% by 2025. While our investments in this area are beginning to bear fruit, they are far from compensating for the current hyperinflation. We have therefore launched an additional energy saving program to reduce our electricity consumption rapidly by 15% from 2023.

However, should the current inflationary trend continue in the medium term, causing energy prices to multiply by a factor of 4 to 5, Somater will be forced, like many other companies, to protect its industrial facilities by resorting to occasional production stoppages. The experience we have accumulated in this respect during the pandemic will enable us to optimize our production in crisis mode in order to respond in an agile manner to our customers’ needs.

We also emphasize the decisive role of the public authorities in the current situation. In addition to active management of the crisis and its consequences, we expect increased flexibility from local authorities. Let’s take the example of our Plastuni Normandie site: the project for a photovoltaic farm near the plant, which has been in the pipeline for several years and is eagerly awaited, continues to be the subject of lengthy diligence on the part of the administration… For more information, read the article published in Les Informations Dieppoises.

Somater Paper Mascara

Driven by the desire to offer our customers innovative packaging solutions in line with the ecological transition, we are pleased to present the “paper mascara”. The cardboard replaces the plastic cap and can also be used to cover the bottle.

The cardboard fibre offers a natural, pleasant and raw feel and also allows for multiple possibilities of decoration, and this in an environmentally friendly way, with natural inks and glues.

The development of this EcoTribeTM reference is still part of our commitment to the circular economy. It is the result of sustained and collaborative work with our strategic partners to provide sustainable and responsible solutions.

SAESA-240 - ABL PBL tubes

Lisses, September 2022, successful start-up of a new fully automatic high-speed production line for the manufacture of ABL or PBL tubes. The latest generation welding process allows a very fast changeover from one solution to the other.

With a capacity of up to 240 tubes per minute, the new line further strengthens our responsiveness to customer demands. It is fully compatible with the specific features of our “EcoTribeTM” range and thus complies with Somater’s eco-design commitments.

With this gain in performance and agility, Somater is determined to pursue its roadmap in order to sup-port its market partners in a sustainable and proactive manner.

Awwards Raven flask L'Oréal Paris

Another success for Somater with a project carried out in partnership with L’ORÉAL this time. This is the RAVEN flask in PE which was produced by injection blow molding (IBM) on our Mortagne site and which meets precise and ambitious specifications.

With demanding technical control (wall thickness reduced to 0.40 mm) and thorough functional checks on each bottle (particularly for sealing), this innovation reflects all of Somater’s know-how.

Used to market the “ONE TWIST HAIR COLOR” product, this pack has already won L’ORÉAL an award in the “Hygiene and Hair Care – Mass Market” category at the PCD Innovation Awards.

We are very proud of our contribution to this great success for L’ORÉAL, which once again underlines our commitment and our ability to meet our customers’ requirements. An official award ceremony will take place during the PCD show on June 29 and 30, 2022 in Paris, where we will be present on booth C27… don’t hesitate to visit us!

New logo Somater

In a changing world, Somater’s ambition is to provide new answers to the challenges of our time in the world of packaging.

Our know-how, creativity and talents are used to achieve new industrial, social and commercial objectives. Our approach to eco-design and reduction of our carbon footprint is a good example of this.

Our vision finds a new and enriched expression in the logo we are presenting today.

It introduces a company rooted in its history, robust and determined to serve its customers in the beauty, health and food industries better than ever. It embodies the collective adventure and the dynamics we wish to deploy with all our stakeholders.

We hope you will like this new signature. It will be unveiled at the PCD trade show which will be held on June 29 and 30 in Paris.

Do not hesitate to visit us on this occasion!