Broyeur APET site Prévent

PET thermoforming generates up to 30% of post-production waste.

In order to contribute to the reuse of 100% of its waste, SOMATER has just installed a new PET shredder on its Frévent site.

A few explanations: the shredding process transforms the waste into homogeneous flakes which are then packaged in big bags to avoid any contamination.

This waste becomes raw material with high added value, ready to be reintroduced into a new production cycle. And there is no end to it!

With this installation, we contribute to the reuse of all our waste. We are reducing our impact on the environment and affirming our commitment to the circular economy.

CFIA 2022 SOMATER Eco Tribe™ in Brittany

SOMATER will be participating in the CFIA exhibition, from 8 to 10 March in Rennes. This event is a must for all players in the food industry.

It will be an opportunity for us to present our new range of eco-designed products. Declined under the EcoTribeTM brand, this line is composed of primary packaging solutions, all developed in an eco-responsible logic.

You will be able to discover our new hybrid packs made of biobased polymers including cardboard, thus considerably reducing the environmental impact.

We look forward to seeing you in Hall 9 on our stand D16 to share our know-how and discuss our solutions for the circular economy.

The 24/410 polypropylene hinged-cap

The 24/410 polypropylene hinged-cap developed by SOMATER stands out for its quality of design.

Weighing only 2.85 g, it is 20% lighter than other caps on the market, while offering the same functionality.

The reduced weight means less material used, less weight to transport and less volume to recycle.

This product is in line with the eco-responsible products developed by SOMATER under the EcoTribeTM brand. It can be made from recycled or bio-sourced resins.

You will find details of this cap among the “ready to go” packaging in our online catalogue.

Eco-refill 500ML Somater

Lighter and less voluminous than a pack equipped with its pump, the eco-refill is the new innovation from SOMATER.

Made of recycled PET that remains fully recyclable, this reference is distinguished by a weight reduction from 33 to 13 g.

That’s 60 % less plastic than the lightest of our sales formats and the eco-refill returns up to 100 % of the content.

With this new product, we are strengthening our EcoTribeTM offer which reflects our commitment to the circular economy.

Thanks to this innovation, consumers will help reduce the amount of plastic thrown away and limit the use of single-use packaging.

CTA Eco Mascara®

SOMATER had to invent it: the CTA refillable mascara. Lighter, made of mono-material or bio-sourced, the CTA Eco Mascara® innovates in terms of eco-design.

With the new Click, Turn and Apply system patented by SOMATER, this mascara offers a new gesture for a use as pleasant as practical. Instead of unscrewing it like a classic mascara, click on the upper end: the cap comes off and you can unscrew it and apply the formula. Plus, the product is refillable. It offers a 30% reduction in raw material right from the second cycle of use.

The CTA Eco Mascara® will be presented at the Make-Up in L.A. trade show where it is nominated for the IT Awards. It is part of the new EcoTribeTM product line, designed to meet new consumer demands and the imperatives of the circular economy.

The hybrid pack revolution!

To develop a pack that is recyclable, light, attractive, designed with responsible materials and offering a variety of decoration options, that’s the latest challenge we’ve taken on. How did we do it? With IML (In Mould Labelling) technology.

Together with our partner Muller Technology, we have been able to exploit this process, already used in the food industry, to extend it to the cosmetic sector and meet the most stringent functional and aesthetic requirements.

The result is an innovative product that is part of an eco-design approach while meeting traditional specifications.

In concrete terms, what are the benefits of this new pack?

  • The use of PCR and bio sourced materials (including more than 50% cardboard)
  • Compatibility with cardboard recycling channels
  • 70% weight reduction
  • The cardboard fibre label which offers a natural touch

This hybrid pack is part of the new EcoTribe™ product line. We will be introducing it for the first time at Make-Up in L.A. where it is nominated for the IT Awards.

ISCC+: an extended offer of food grade PCR!

Plastuni Normandie has just obtained ISCC+ certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification).

This internationally recognized standard guarantees the traceability of renewable raw materials throughout the chain, from supply to processing.

It also attests to the food suitability of the polymers used (food grade packaging).

This is further proof of our commitment to eco-design, which also contributes to reducing our carbon footprint.

Certification ISO 9001:2015 Somater

SOMATER obtains the renewal of its ISO 9001:2015 certification for all its 7 production sites without any major non-conformity.

The ISO 9001 standard defines the requirements for a quality management system, with the aim of continuously improving customer satisfaction.

It is based on the following three pillars :

  • The control of all processes and costs,
  • Competitiveness,
  • Environmental policy.

The certification of the SOMATER factories is the renewed proof of an efficient organisation, from the development to the industrialisation of its products, in accordance with the best international standards.

We would like to thank all our employees who, through their daily commitment, actively contribute to this success.

ISO 15378 site Marolles

After our sites of Savigny, Theix and Hautot, it is the turn of Marolles to be certified ISO 15378.

With 4 plants meeting the standards of pharmaceutical packaging production, SOMATER strengthens its position on this market.

The ISO 15378 is an international standard which governs the manufacturing of primary packaging for drugs and deals with:

  • The management of manufacturing batches and their traceability,
  • The control of good manufacturing practices,
  • The validation of critical processes,
  • Risk management.

This standard is therefore fully involved in ensuring patient safety.

We are proud of this new certification, which demonstrates the robustness of our quality management system and attests to our commitment to meeting our customers’ current and future challenges.

Congratulations to the entire team of SOMATER Marolles who took up this new challenge with enthusiasm!

MakeUp in LA 2022

SOMATER will participate for the first time in the upcoming Make-Up in LA tradeshow, which will be held on February 23 and 24, 2022 in Los Angeles.

This event will bring together the world’s leading players in the make-up and skincare industry. We are excited to be an active part of it to:

  • Meet the Indie Brands and all the other players in the US market;
  • To present a preview of our “Eco Tribe” product line including an Eco Mascara CTA (Click, Turn and Apply), a Hybrid pot and an Eco-Refill;
  • To promote our know-how at the international level.

Come and discover our latest beauty innovations and discuss our eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Meet us on our booth G21.