Recyclass certificate for our new PBL tubes

Recyclass certificate for our new PBL tubes

We are particularly pleased to announce that our new D4R laminated tubes have just obtained the European Recyclass certification. This certifies, according to current market conditions and knowledge, that the entire pack constituting this new product (skirt, collar and cap) is fully compatible with the existing European industrial recycling processes for HDPE containers.

Developed in our PLASTUNI LISSES factory in an eco-design approach in partnership with our supplier HUHTAMAKI, these new tubes demonstrate innovative characteristics: even smaller thickness of 220 microns and use of HDPE for the skirt, the collar and the cap.

The result is a further reduction in weight compared to other PBL tubes as well as an increase in the degree of recyclability, which allows this tube to be able to join the current recycling channels for HDPE bottles.

This achievement represents another proof of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint as well as further progress towards the circular economy. Next step: integration of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) with certification for food use, in a lightweight laminate.

To be continued !