World Water Day

Journée mondiale de l’#eau

On this World Water Day, Somater would like to reiterate its ambition to develop responsible industrial and human resources.

But to ensure the effectiveness of our approach, we have it evaluated by external ratings.

This is once again the case with the compliance audit carried out at Plastuni Normandie with regards to decree no. 2021-461 on preventing the loss of plastic granules into the environment.

This plant is particularly vigilant about pollution risks, given its proximity to the coastal river Scie and the Channel.

This audit rewards the efforts made, which include containment, recovery and reprocessing of granules.

As well as periodic checks on the correct application of the operating procedures in place.

All the teams are also regularly made aware of the preventive measures relating to the risks of pollution.

Our objective is to have all our plants audited in 2023 on the proper application of this regulation.