L’Oréal combines beauty and responsibility

Tube L'Oréal "Wonder Water"

L’Oréal Paris is launching the “Wonder Water” format, a new hair coloring product. Developed in partnership with SOMATER, via its subsidiary Plastuni, this 100% recycled PET bottle has a 25% weight reduction compared to market standards.

This new eco-responsible packaging is part of the “L’Oréal for the future – ambition 2030” agenda, in favor of the circular economy, with a dual objective:

  • make 100% of packaging recyclable and recycled ;
  • reduce the weight of packaging by at least 20%.

SOMATER, thanks to the support of its Development and Operations team, plays a key role in supporting its customers in their eco-design initiatives, by providing them with solutions that combine environmental responsibility and industrial performance.

Seduced by “Wonder Water”? Find out more about it thanks to the influencer NikkisSecretx on TikTok 😉