New Zero Cooling technology at SOMATER

Technologie Zero cooling

The SOMATER group is always striving to do more in the fields of eco-design and sustainable development. The approaches in this area are found even in the manufacturing process with the acquisition of a new technology called “Zero Cooling” and developed by our partner Nissei ASB. This technique used in the production of ISBM bottles is characterized by a shift of the preform cooling step from the first station (injection molding station) to the second station (packaging station). This change allows the use of smaller, thicker preforms with higher draw ratios as well as better material distribution.

The associated benefits are as follows:

  • lower energy consumption
  • reduction in raw material (up to 10% less weight)
  • better resistance to vertical compression

By offering our customers solutions that meet the current challenges of eco-design and reduction of the carbon footprint, we are pleased to be able to support them in their responsible and sustainable growth strategy.