Léa Nature refillable deodorants

Déodorants rechargeables Léa Nature

Somater has created a new format of deodorant for Léa Nature, a company with a mission to produce organic and natural products while respecting people and nature.

A sustainable roll-on
Léa Nature has chosen Somater to launch its new 50 ml refillable deodorant format. Through the brands SO’BIO étic and Natessance, Léa Nature offers five new organic references. This eco-designed range reduces the use of virgin plastic by 63%: a refillable deodorant accompanied by three 150 ml eco-refills can replace ten non-refillable deodorants. At the end of its life, this deodorant, manufactured in France by Somater, is 100% recyclable.

Adopt a new gesture!
In addition to being eco-responsible and in line with the trend to reuse cosmetic packaging, this innovative and easy-to-use format allows consumers to adopt a new gesture with ease. Simply unclip the base by pulling on it, manually clean the inside and the ball, then pour the content from the eco-refill. Once snapped in, it is ready to be used again.